Cognitive Ecology

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The Arts Engagement Project July 1, 2020 Text Analysis & Sensemaking & Arts & Visualization & Research & Cognitive Ecology is a study of ~4000 undergraduate students at the University of Michigan that asked questions about the impacts Superclime January 7, 2015 Decision Support & Integrative Design & Climate Insights & Communications & Cognitive Ecology & Maps We made this map and sets of cards to share insights and tactics for designing and leading change. They are meant to help anticipate obstacles, Connecting on Climate December 1, 2014 Climate Insights & Cognitive Ecology & Research & Communications A Guide to Effective Climate Change Communication is a guide which includes research from a range of social science fields American Climate Values 2014: Psychographic and Demographic Insights March 1, 2014 Climate Insights & Research & Cognitive Ecology & Communications The American Climate Values Survey 2014 assesses climate and other values to provide information and insights for people who want to increase the