Integrative Design

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Resources for Interdisciplinary Collaboration in the University March 1, 2018 Integrative Design & Collaboration From 2012-2015 (as part of the Mellon-funded SPARC project), we interviewed upper-level administration, faculty, and students at 38 member Superclime January 7, 2015 Decision Support & Integrative Design & Climate Insights & Communications & Cognitive Ecology & Maps We made this map and sets of cards to share insights and tactics for designing and leading change. They are meant to help anticipate obstacles, Bank Heist Proposal @ SOEX March 9, 2013 Creative Practice & Integrative Design & Arts Bank Heist Proposal Contest (1st Place) with FICTILIS Southern Exposure Gallery and the Center for Tactical Magic Design Ecology November 12, 2009 Design Ecologies & Integrative Design Keywords: Design, Transdisciplinarity, Integrated Assessment, Heuristic, Wicked Problems Hemispheric Shifts Across Learning, Teaching