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The Arts Engagement Project July 1, 2020 Text Analysis & Sensemaking & Arts & Visualization & Research & Cognitive Ecology is a study of ~4000 undergraduate students at the University of Michigan that asked questions about the impacts The Case for Arts Integration + Workbook October 1, 2019 Sensemaking & Strategic Foresight & Arts & Decision Support (in collaboration with Future Work Design) The Case for Arts Integration is a tool for connecting across campus, outlining the “what,” “why,” Impacts of the Arts & Interdisciplinary Practice March 1, 2019 Sensemaking & Maps & Arts & Decision Support While insights gained from data and interpretation of interview responses are a rich source of information, they are most exciting as a jumping-off Bank Heist Proposal @ SOEX March 9, 2013 Creative Practice & Integrative Design & Arts Bank Heist Proposal Contest (1st Place) with FICTILIS Southern Exposure Gallery and the Center for Tactical Magic